Working student

We are looking for motivated students to help us separate the wheat from the chaff in ML by implementing new ideas and contributing them to open source projects or publications.

The appliedAI Institute advances Europe by creating and disseminating expertise in Artificial Intelligence. We are Europe’s largest initiative for the application of cutting-edge trustworthy AI, leveraging Europe’s innovative power through education, research, and publications. We aim to be a fully transparent, open-source organisation, where everyone is invited to participate, discuss, and to engage with AI. As a non-profit, we create visions for Europe as a society, for us in a world of climate change and for our economy in the age of AI. We want to contribute to sustainable wealth through technology, to shape a world we want to live in.

The TransferLab aims to identify, test and disseminate established and emerging techniques in machine learning at multiple difficulty and novelty levels in order to provide practitioners and businesses with the best tools for their applications. We constantly survey multiple fields in ML, challenging and testing statements in the literature with the goal of distilling useful knowledge for the industry in the form of trainings, in-depth reviews, software playbooks, showcase applications and blog posts, but also fund and conduct novel research advancing the application of AI in industry.

Position overview

As a working student at the TransferLab, your task will be to contribute to open source projects (ours or otherwise), fixing bugs, implementing papers and illustrating your implementations with data analyses. You will work closely with senior team members who will guide you through the difficult and often frustrating experience of reproducing and testing the claims made in ML research. You will peek into the bleeding edge of ML and uncover its dirty laundry, contributing back to the community by communicating your findings via our website, trainings or peer-reviewed journals.

Your profile

We welcome unusual profiles, but we find that people who can take on this role tick most of the following boxes:

  • A solid theoretical background in statistics and machine learning.
  • Courses taken on ETL pipelines, data cleaning and practical ML.
  • A certain degree of experience with Python, as obtained in university courses, personal projects and open source.
  • Curiosity and high quality standards.
  • Fluent English.

It would be advantageous to have

  • Experience in writing on technical topics for a general audience (e.g. blog posts, magazine articles).
  • Experience contributing to open source projects.

What we offer

  • Possibility to work on cutting edge topics and the chance to publish code and papers
  • Direct supervision by people working at the cutting edge of ML.
  • Possibility of remote work.
  • A highly motivated and dynamic environment, full of people who want to and can make an impact on Europe’s AI landscape.
  • A multilingual and multinational team of researchers, engineers and educational experts.